The Kronovia Compliance Cloud Service allows Social CRM companies to offer social compliance as a part of their solution, thereby protecting their customers from regulatory & brand management concerns. This cloud-based API, supports the application of content and relationship policies, full policy management, as well as a rich set of governance reporting.

Our robust technology is designed to scale in the cloud for maximum availability and through-put. Using modern REST methodologies and authentication, it is easily integrated with any Social CRM application or custom social media solution.

The API is fast, accurate and extensible for future advancements in social media. For partners and enterprise customers, the API includes management and analytics capabilities that allow for complete private label deployments.

The Compliance Cloud Service is targeted toward externally focused Social CRM applications, or any custom enterprise social application that provides a direct engagement with customers.

Kronovia partners easily recognize:

  • Real-time scanning, rules & dictionary API's
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Expanded product feature set
  • Reduced time to market

Your customers get:

  • Centralized control over content & relationship policies
  • Use the Social CRM platforms they prefer, without compromising brand & regulatory compliance
  • Sophisticated compliance analytics broken down by company, local office or user
  • Global social media archive across all Social CRM applications

Sophisticated Content Protections:

  • Key word & regular expression matching
  • Supports extended character sets
  • 49 included dictionaries in 7 languages
  • Scored dictionaries for SOX & HIPAA
  • Image content scanning for pornography
  • Phishing link scanning
  • Unfolds all short URLs
  • SPAM & Virus checking
  • Sentiment & quality scores
  • Language & profanity levels
  • ...and more

Compliance doesn't have to be hard. Get started in minutes!

Download the API details or click here to learn more.

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