Add Compliance & Brand Controls to your Social Apps
An API for Compliance and Brand Management that Plugs into Your App

Kronovia keeps social media users at regulated companies off the cover of the Wall Street Journal with a compliance & brand management API used by leading Social CRM Applications.

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An API for Compliance & Brand Management that Plugs into Your App

If you have customers in any kind of regulated industry, or if your customers are concerned about the potential for reputation or brand hit jobs in social media, then you need Kronovia. Simple to hook into and easy to manage, Kronovia will add pre-built policy rules and critical content protections to your system. From there, your customers can manage their own rules, but you are the rock star for keeping your customers protected from law suits, fines and reputation issues.
  • You eliminate sales objections from corporate lawyers and risk managers
  • You stop users from sending stupid, dangerous or ethically borderline updates
  • Your customers get a Social Archive & can monitor content for compliance & brand issues
  • Your customers never again worry about SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, GLBA, SEC, etc.
  • You don't have to follow every little change and legal precedent that could affect your customers. We'll do it for you!

Compliance doesn't have to be hard. Get started in minutes!

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50 Included Dictionaries

We ship with 50 standard compliance dictionaries in 7 different languages. Including regular expression and weighted-term dictionaries for SOX & HIPAA.
SPAM, Virus and Image Content

SPAM, Virus & Porn

With Kronovia in place every Tweet, re-Tweet and post can be scanned for SPAM, Virus, Phishing & Porn before it reaches its final destination.
Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

In a social world, compliance and brand management is about more than just the content people send. Kronovia can enforce custom rules on Facebook or Twitter relationships.
Archive and Analytics

Archive & Analytics

Capture every action into an archive and run detailed reports on social activity. Monitor and alert on compliance concerns before it impacts the enterprise.

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